Is an Intel Core i5 6500 still good for the newest games?

Find out if an Core i5 6500 CPU is still good to run new games in high resolution and good graphics.

So you are wondering if you should buy and Core i5 6500. First you should know why you are buying this CPU and for what you want to use it for.

Info about Intel Core i5 6500

This processor was released on Q3 in the year 2015. So what means it’s not the newest one, but that also could be a reason why you should buy it because it’s cheaper than the new CPU’s from Intel.

This CPU has 4  cores, as usual with Intel’s CPU’s, and reaches up to 3,60 GHz. You cannot go higher than that, because it’s not the version of the processor that you can over clock. With the i5 6600K version, which you can over clock, you can get a higher clock speed but also need a better or a second cooling fan. It also comes with and integrated GPU called Intel® HD-Grafik 530 which should not be used to play any games. Means that you should buy a external GPU if you haven’t one already.

It is still good to use?

So first of all, if you are using this CPU, there is no need for you to upgrade it if you play regular games with Full HD 1080p resolution. Because it’s still really good for that.

But if you want to play 4K games with ultra high graphics and stream on Twitch at the same time, it is recommended that you purchase a CPU with more than 4 cores. As you may know, the newest Intel Core CPU’s has up to 8 cores or even more. But they are so expensive that many people cannot afford them.

So what to do? Thankfully, there is AMD with it’s new Ryzen processors. They are really good and not that expensive as Intel’s CPU’s. So if you’re getting a new CPU and want to play 4K games, you should buy for example a Ryzen 2600 CPU.

So yes or no?

As said before, the Intel Core i5 6500 CPU is still good for gaming, video editing, photo editing and much more, so you don’t need to upgrade it.

But if you want more cores in your processor, you should think about upgrading to a better one.

But do remember, you also need a good graphics card to play games in 4K.