Microsoft Edge is the third most used desktop browser now

Microsoft has succeeded with the change of the browser engine from EdgeHTML to Chromium. They now have the third most used browser in the desktop market.

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Why are people switching?

With each new update, Microsoft Edge receives new features. They not only bring integrations with extensions but also features like “Collections” or the new sidebar tabs are reasons for people changing browsers.

But not only the features are the reason for people switching to Edge. Microsoft also heavily markets Edge in their search results in Bing or even in Windows 10 itself.

Things like “Microsoft recommended browser” or the ads on their search engine which you cannot remove are making people change browsers.

Ad for Edge if your search for Firefox in Bing

However, it is still scary to see that 1.71% of desktop users are using the old Internet Explorer to browse the web. They should change browsers as soon as possible and Microsoft would like it if they would change to their Edge browser.