Microsoft Edge will get a new logo, which looks like Firefox

The news Chromium based version of Microsoft Edge will get a new logo, which look a bit like a edited Firefox brand logo.

You may already know that Microsoft is working on a new version for their web browser Edge. The new version is based on Chromium, which also is the engine for Google Chrome, Opera, Brave and other browsers. They also have changed the user interface a lot, which is really nice. But now they also want to change the logo of the entire browser.

The original Microsoft Edge browser got a lot of hate when it first came out with Windows 10 in 2015. They said that Edge will support Chrome Web Store extensions on release, but it didn’t. Because Edge is based on EdgeHTML, Microsofts own browser engine, and not on Chromium. You only are able to install addons from the Microsoft Store. But now with this change to Chromium you will be able to install addons from the Chrome Web Store as well.

Not only will they change the UI and the engine, but also the logo of the browser. The new logo looks a bit strange if you are already a Firefox user. Some months ago, Mozilla released their new brand logo of Firefox, which should get a better overview of the Firefox products like Lockwise etc.

The new Edge logo looks like a edited Firefox brand logo. Although they say that the new logo should still show the “e” in it, but look for yourself.

The new Microsoft Edge browser will come out on all major platforms, including older Windows versions like Windows 7 or 8. It will also come to macOS, Android and iOS. Download the beta now from here.

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