Mozilla releases Firefox version 75 which includes a Megabar and people hate it

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox recently. So you guess it’s an update to improve the security of Firefox and may remove some old code that’s not used, right?

Well, the new update also brings an user interface change. The place where you type in your address or a search term has been massively increased. Reason for that may be that Mozilla want more people to use it to search for stuff and not go first to and then search for something. Also some old code was apparently removed in the update that Mozilla probably doesn’t want to maintain anymore.

Can you revert it?

The bad thing about this new Megabar is, that you cannot disable it without going deep into Firefox. But if you’re a power user, you can figure it out pretty easily to disable it and get the old address bar back. For now.


Mozilla has already deleted the flag to disable the new Megabar in Firefox’s newest Nightly build. So that means if you’re currently on the Nightly channel, you cannot remove the Megabar. Over some weeks this new version of Firefox without the option to disable the Megabar will probably get into the stable version of Mozilla Firefox.

There are even people joking about it, because they say that Mozilla is doing less and less what their users want.




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