The New Android Oreo – How Do You Get It

Google has released a new version of the popular mobile OS Android. It’s called Android Oreo. Read here how to get it.

The New Android Oreo

Not a long time ago, Android 7 Nougat was released. But now a new version is here, Android Oreo!

The new Android has a lot more features than Android 7 and it’s faster, has a better layout, and you can even play videos while you are chatting in WhatsApp!

It can also save you a lot of battery, because it will “deactivate” apps that you are not using, so they don’t run in the background and use your battery.

How do you get it?

Well, it’s a bit difficult, if you got a Google phone called Pixel or Pixel XL, you will get the upgrade automatically. The same for Nexus devices. But if you have for example a Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to upgrade, you can’t. Because Samsung want their own overlay on their phones. So they will take the clean Android 8 Oreo and give their overlay. So it’ll could take a while until they release it.

But if you don’t want a different overlay, but a clean Android, you’ll have to upgrade you phone manually. You can download a system image for Pixel and flash it on your phone if you know how to do it. Download it here.