The New Samsung Galaxy Note8 Is Out – Why You Should Not Buy It

Samsung has released their newest phone – the new Galaxy Note8 (Note 8). Read here all features and the price.

Of course new released phones are expensive, but not like the Note8. Their start price for the new Galaxy Note is 999 Dollar.
Now you says it’s expensive, of course, but you have to understand that Samsung will make their prices for their new phones like Apple’s iPhones.

Galaxy Note8

Why? Because their are enough people with enough money who buy every phone when it comes out just to have it. Of course we don’t say their stupid or brainwashed (or? :P), but it’s just too much money to spend to an phone. These phones will be produced for 300$ and sold for 999$ and some people say that’s okay… R U SERIOUS M8?? Samsung makes way too much money with it but we think this will never change, because Apple does it too and some other companies as well.

But if you still want to buy the new Galaxy you can do this on Amazon. On there the price will fall like every month and it’s now at 850$ (from 999$). If you wait 2 more years the price could be around 400$ and then it could be worth it to buy it. But not yet.


Buy Samsung Galaxy Note8 new for 799$