Should I use HTTP or HTTPS for my Website?

Read here if you should use HTTP or the more secure HTTPS script for your website.

HTTPS is the more secure version of HTTP. If you want to open up a new website, you should use it. But why? Read it here.


HTTPS is an encryption of the data transfer between server and the person who visits the website. More precisely, the name comes from: Hypertext Transfer Protocol + Transport Layer Security.

How to get HTTPS for my site?

So, if you want to use HTTPS for your website, then you have to do a bit more than just putting your website on the internet like with HTTP.

You need to install a script on your web server. That means that you first need access to your web server and / or the host. There you will be able go to your website management tool like “cPanel”. From there, you can easially install a HTTPS script for the domain.

But from where do you get the certificate? Of course you can buy one, but they can get really expensive if you want a high secure encryption.

But don’t worry! There is a alternative called Let’s Encrypt that lets you add the script for free to your website. And the best thing – it’s completely free.

So don’t use HTTP anymore, because you can get HTTPS for free.