Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight, Or Does It Damage The Battery?

Read here to learn more about what’s good for your smartphone battery.

If you are worrying about the health status of your battery, then worry no more. Here’s your answer.

So does it damage the battery?

Charging your phone overnight is always bad for a battery. If you do it everyday for a long time then sometimes if your have fully charged the phone, it empties a lot faster than it has before.

Because the cable to charge the battery is always connected to the phone to keep the 100% mark. The battery does not like that.

So how to keep the battery save?

As you may have thought, it is not recommended to keep the phone charging overnight. The best thing to do to save your battery is to shut the phone completely down and to start it at the next day again.

The other thing you can do is to buy yourself a smart power socket that automatically turns off the charging if the battery of the phone is full.

Fun Fact

Now I wanna tell you a fun fact that not many companies want to tell you. If your phone supports Quick-Charge, then you may have heard that manufacturers are advertising with something like: “Charge your phone to 60% in only 30 minutes”.

That may be true, but only if you do nothing while your phone charges. And to get the rest 40% to get the phone to one hundred percent, you have to wait much longer.

So keep your phone battery save and well!