The Best Phone Brands For Price And Value 2018

If you want value for your phone and don’t know which brand you can trust then you should read this post where I’m going to show you the best brands for that desire.

So you don’t have a lot of money but you want a good working Phone that can do everything you need to do and it should look good too then here you go.

Keep in mind that this post is not sponsored or anything, it’s just a personal opinion about these brands mentioned in this post.

There are many good brands that are offering what you need. But if you really want to save money, then you should actually look for phones that are made in China. But don’t just buy random stuff from china! Why? There are many scammers around the world who are looking for victims to get your money and they will give you shitty working phones. But thankfully not everyone is like this and a bad person that want to rob you.

A Huawei phone

There are two really good brands from China that are giving you really much for your money. The first one is called Huawei and maybe you have heard from it before. Around two years before they were offering really much for the money. They were giving you a phone with a HD display, a good camera, a good CPU and a good screen ratio for about 150 US Dollar or Euro. But if you look at their midrange smartphones now then you will realize that their prizes went up high. And if you look at their highend phones, you will see that they cost around 600 USD to 2500 it looks like they are now at the same price level like Samsung and LG.

A Xiaomi phone

But there’s another brand! It’s called Xiaomi and they produce the best phones for the money. Xiaomi is actually really new so that means that their prices are not that high like others. Why? They don’t invest that much money in ads like the others, so it’s actually the best brand for people who don’t have that much money.

What phones do they have you are asking may be. Well, I can tell you that they have all kinds of Phones. From old 16:9 smartphones to 18:9 phones and even phones with a notch like the iPhone. And the best thing about them is that they cost a lot less than what an IPhone would cost like, because of the reason mentioned above.

They still try to manage to get a good looking design, a good display, good CPU and a quality camera and sometimes extra features like a finger print scanner, a front flashlight, a notification light and a infrared sensor.

You can see their phones on websites like Gearbest, Aliexpress, Ebay and even on Amazon. Sometimes the shipping is also only around some days if the phone is in your near already. So go and try them out. Some good phones only cost 150 dollars / euros and high end phones you can get for 400 dollars / euros.

It is to be mentioned again that this post is not a ad nor a sponsorship for any of the brands in this post.