The New Microsoft Edge Is Now Out! Is It Good? A Review

Microsoft has finally released the stable version of the new Microsoft Edge browser. The release was on January 15th. Let’s see how good it is.

The Edge browser… from Microsoft was probably the biggest recent disappointment in the browser market. Because when Windows 10 came out, it shipped with the Edge browser. And it’s features… well, let’s say there weren’t that many thing to do in that browser. But over time they released many updates to Windows 10 and the browser and it really improved, that’s why it has a market share of around 5 percent.

Microsoft was probably tired to keep working on EdgeHTML, the old browser engine. So they made a move around a year ago and announced that they will release a new Edge browser with the browser engine from Google Chrome.

Well, that’s not a new thing actually, because the Opera browser already uses Chromium for some time now, and also Vivaldi and Brave use it. With Microsoft joining the Chromium-Team it may make Chromium to the biggest and most powerful web browser engine, because there are two big corporations behind it. Google and now Microsoft. Is that a good thing? You have to decide. Mozilla at least doesn’t like that Microsoft removed EdgeHTML from the browser and developed a new interface on Chromium. Read this blog post if you want to know more about it.

Now Mozilla’s Firefox really has the only engine left that is quite popular, Gecko.

How to install the new Edge browser?

To install the new Microsoft Edge browser you don’t have to do a lot. Just head over to and there you can download it for free.

You may should know that you old Microsoft Edge browser is going away if you install the new one. So think which browser you like more. But you don’t have much time to use the old browser, because Microsoft is gonna release updates in the coming weeks where you get the new Edge browser automatically.

All is imported.

If you gonna run the setup and install it, you will get an info like the above one that everything was imported into the new Edge version. So you don’t have to do anything.

How does it look like?

The new Edge browser really is quite something. Now only it is faster that before, but also it has a new user interface (UI).

You can change the browser to a dark mode or keep the light mode if you want.

The light mode.
The dark mode.

Also the context menu is really different than the old Edge UI, because it looks like a modified version of Google Chrome.

The context menu.

And if you head over to the settings menu/tab and go to about, you’re gonna see for yourself that it runs on Chromium.

It runs on Chromium.

So what do you think about the new Microsoft Edge browser and it replacing the old Edge in the coming weeks? Or are you using Firefox? Lemme know, pls.