The new PlayStation 5 will have two versions with one important difference

The new PlayStation 5 is coming soon! This article has info about the release date, price and the different versions.

Two different versions

The new PlayStation console from Sony will come out with two versions. One with a blue ray drive and one without one. That means with the digital version of the console, you can only download your games from the PS Store and not buy any physical games.

But there are some good things about the digital version of the PS5. The weight for example will be much different, with the digital edition of the console about 600 grams more lightweight. The normal PS5: 4.5 KG. The Digital Edition: 3.9 KG.

The digital edition console will also have lower energy consumption with 10W less than the normal PS5 with 340W vs 350W.

The Price

The Price will be about $/€400 for the digital version which comes without the disk drive. The normal PS5 with the disk drive will cost you about $/€500. That means that the blue ray drive costs you about 100 bucks extra.

The Release Date

The release date is something important, of course. You will want to get your PS5 as fast as possible before it will be sold out, probably for many months. Please keep in mind that each region has its own release date.

Here are the release dates for each region (by Wikipedia).

  • AU/JP/KR/NA/NZ: November 12, 2020
  • Worldwide: November 19, 2020
  • Indonesia: January 22, 2021
  • India: February 2, 2021
  • China: May 15, 2021