This Is The Best Controller For Gaming On The PC

Get informations about the best controllers for gaming on the PC.

If you like playing games on your PC, you will realize that racing games or similar require precision with acceleration.
​So it won’t work if you just press the W button on your keyboard. You’ll need something to ​adjust the speed of your vehicle.
You could buy steering wheels and an accelerator for gaming, but they cost a lot of money.
Sometimes more than a real car.
Now, what can you do? The best solution for this is to buy a controller. There are many controllers on the market with various features. We’ll show you the three best controller to play games on the PC.
If you look at amazon, you can see that the best controller are xbox controller. That’s why there are many cheap fake xbox controller. Of course you could buy one of them, but it’ll be much better if you buy an original.
Nacon GC-100XF


This controller looks a lot like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Controller. It has the same buttons and the same features and it’s also a bit cheaper.

​This wired controller costs 20$ on

Xbox 360 Controller

Many people say this is the best controller for gaming. It came out for the Xbox 360 in 2006 and still many people are using it to play on their PC’s.

The wired controller costs 30$, the wireless one is a bit more expensive.

Xbox One Controller


This one is the best controller on the market. It came out in 2013 with the Xbox One. The new version of the controller has also an 3,5mm input for headsets and earphones.

Of course this is the most expensive one, but it’s also the best one for sure.
​It’ll make you happy for 50$.

Controllers are good for racing games, but if you play a shooter like Battlefield or Call Of Duty, you should use your keyboard and a mouse.
Because aiming is a lot more easier with a mouse where you can also adjust the dpi.