Why You Should Host Your WordPress Site Yourself

There are many reasons why you should host a WordPress blog or site yourself.

What are the reasons?

The main reason is the pricing. WordPress DOT COM hosting costs a lot.
The plan with 13 GB storage on WordPress.com costs €8.25 per month. If you just want a simple blog you should not pay that much for it. Because €8.25 each month, or €99 for one year is really expensive.

But there are many other web hosts out there with cheaper plans. One of the most famous one is BlueHost. But if you are looking for the cheapest price, you won’t find it on BlueHost either.

One of the best hosts is namecheap.com. You can get there a one-year hosting plan with 20 GB storage, US database and 50 subdomains for only €8. Which is only €0.60 per month. But the next years cost 3x more, so it’s not always this cheap.

The other reason why you should host WordPress yourself is, because you can add ALL add-ons available for WordPress for free to your site.
This isn’t available for WordPress’s Personal plan. Only for their “Business” plan for €24.92 per month.
So you’re free to choose which add-ons you want.


With WordPress’s Personal plan for €4.00 per month you can’t display ads on your website. You have to purchase a Premium plan for €8.25 per month.

Now you can decide for yourself if you want to use WordPress.com services or if you want to host WordPress on a third party web host.