Why You Should Live In Online Games Instead Of Real Life

The lives of many people are terrible and some are very often alone, work too much and fell asleep at work.
Sometimes they look for a way out of their life. Some people think to move to another country to start a new life.
But come on, everything doesn’t really help. That’s why we have the solution for you right here, gaming!

Exactly, gaming. Gaming will help you to disappear from real life into a better one just on your screen. You decide where you wanna go.

Either you go to Los Angeles and be a crazy psychopath in GTA 5 or you go into a colorful new world where your mission is to save your wonderful and lovely princess from a monster, again and again, that would be Super Mario.


Right, it’s even better than real life, because nothing bad can happen to you. If you get killed, you wake up after a minute in front of a hospital and you can try again what you wanted to do.

And if that’s not enough, you can buy VR glasses so it’s, even more, better life. With VR glasses gaming is definitely better than real life because real life got very dangerous over the last years. So you better stay in your little room and play your games!
You just have to put your glasses on your ugly head and you can start.


It’s so easy to go into another world. Forget the shitty real life and focus on achieving 100% in the game.
No matter if you get letters from the job center or you don’t call your family.
Just play games and be happy.


Most gamers are fat guys who are just lazy so they do nothing. And that’s why you should be gaming.
Relax and play your game and forget the real world. You’ll never have to eat 3 pizzas every day again and drink 5 liters of coke. You will also lose weight very quickly if you play on high difficulty levels. And that means that you have become thinner and finally you can live better. If you even managed to take 10 kilos off your belly while playing and didn’t even get up from your lazy ass, you’ll see how it looks around you when you stop playing.

And you do not want that, do you? Because if you would stop playing, you would have to clean up everything around you and that’s so much work. And don’t forget, you were not even in the toilet since you played for 2 weeks.

It must be very stinking honestly. But as I said, if you focus on your game and forget real life, then this isn’t a big problem. So and what did you learn today? If you are an ugly stinky guy, just live in virtual worlds and ignore everything else and your life will improve in the shortest time.