Why Your Display Background Should Be Black

Why you should have a black background. ​If you have a smartphone, laptop or TV that has AMOLED (OLED), you should take a black background. Now you ask why? This has various reasons.

Consumes less power / battery

​This can be very good if you are outside for a long time, and you don’t can charge your phone somewhere.

If you have a black background, the black pixels are automatically switched off with OLED, so you can save battery.

It’s not bright

When you’re outside the bright display of your phone can dazzle you.
Then you walk on the street and an accident happens because you didn’t see anything…

​Actually it saves your life! But if you don’t have an OLED display, you can still do something to save battery.
Get a powerbank, which can be used to recharge your device several times!