WordPress 5 released with Gutenberg Text Editor

The version WordPress 5 has now been released for everyone. Read here what this version contains and what you have to look out for when updating.

So, the controversial new WordPress text and post editor has now been officially introduced in the new WordPress version number 5 and is now standard.

The name “Bebo”

The new name of this WordPress version is Bebo, which is not quite enough. But also the old WordPress Editor with the name TinyMCE has been replaced by the Gutenberg Editor, which was long available as a plugin and is still.

Why was he replaced? WordPress inventor Matt Mullenweg said the new editor will help you work much more flexibly. Whether that’s true, everyone has to decide for themselves. But one thing is certain, with Gutenberg you can edit posts faster because the page does not have to reload, but is updated with Ajax.

Gutenberg is not liked

Although the new editor looks good and is quite fast, it is hated by many WordPress users for months now and there is a lot of Cretan practiced over the editor.

For example, my user that the editor is too bright white, since there is no dark mode yet. Others are struggling with bugs where the editor does not allow them to post their posts.

If Automattic fixes it all and updates WordPress quickly then users will definitely use Gutenberg more often than now.

You can also replace this new editor with the old one if you do not like it. For this you have to download a plugin, but it does not work. The plugin is called “Classic Editor”.