Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Review: The best Phone for Price and Value

Review about the Redmi 5 Plus Phone Where you will see what Xiaomi’s phone can do for you.

So you are looking for a phone that has a low price and it should also has a good design and it should be powerful as well. Here I’m going to show you a phone that will satisfy you.

This post is not sponsored by anyone and all content written here is original and my experience.
So you may wonder why I have chosen Xiaomi. Well, I have searched some months for the best mid range phones that have prices like the cheap smartphones. I have found some phones from Samsung, from Huawei and also from Honor. But all phones from these brands have one problem: the price.

The prices for the mid range phones from the brands mentioned above all have a price that is about 250 $ / €. That is quite much if you are looking for a cheap phone. That’s why I tried to find a phone manufacturer that has a cheaper price but still have good and powerful CPUs and good displays.

I found some from ZTE and other similar brands but these phones does have some negative reviews on stores like Amazon and eBay. So I searched again and then I found the right brand: Xiaomi.

They have all kind of phones that have a really good price and good components. They also have high quality phones for 400 us dollars / euros as well. But I wanted a cheap phone.
Then I found the perfect phone for the price: It’s called Redmi 5 Plus.

It has a 5.99 inch screen with a Full HD+ display where you will not see any pixels at all. The IPS Panel also looks good like from bigger brands like LG. The screen has rounded corners that will make improve the look, at least for me.

It comes with an Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 which as eight cores and also an integrated graphics card. You can play any games you want with it, but sometimes you have to lower the graphics in games like PUBG Mobile.

The front of the phone

You have a front flash, a 5 Megapixel front camera, a led flashlight which has only a white color sadly. On the top you have a slot for your 3.5 mm headphones and a infrared sensor which many phones don’t have. On the bottom you have on the right side a mono speaker. Even if it looks like a stereo speaker, its a mono. Because on the other side are the microphones integrated.

The micro USB slot and the mono speaker

Sadly the phone only has a micro USB slot and not a USB C slot. That’s a heavy negative point. The sides of the phone are made of plastic but it still feels good.

It is not waterproof so you should be really careful going with you phone to the bathroom or to a beach. The Redmi 5 Plus has FM Radio. That means you can listen to radio stations near you. Completely free and no internet connection is required. But you still need a headphone that will be used as a antenna.

On the back of the phone you have a 12 MP camera which doesn’t make the best photos but it’s okay for the price. You will also get a led flash which is really bright and it also has a fingerprint sensor l, so you will be able to unlock you phone with your finger, unlike the iPhone X which also costs a lot more.

The Redmi 5 Plus also has a lot of sensors included, also a gyroscope so that you are able to play for games and view videos in VR.

Now here are the most important points of this review for the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.

– Big screen
– Good display
– FM radio
– Infrared
– Sensors
– Front flash
– Fingerprint

– Camera is not the best
– Micro USB
– Only mono speaker

The phone costs around 160 $ / € and it’s a good price for the phone.
But if that is still too much money to spend for a phone, take a look at the Xiaomi Redmi 5, which is a little bit smaller and not so powerful as the Redmi 5 Plus. It costs around 110 $ / €.