YouTube Studio Beta: More Features in 2019!

YouTube will be adding more features to its new dashboard in 2019. Read here to learn more!

It’s no wonder that YouTube want to replace the old Creator Studio with the new YouTube Studio, and basically they already have done that. Because since several months now, the new YouTube Studio Beta is available to every creator.

The new YouTube Studio Beta has a new modern look and feel and lets you edit your videos more easily. But there are still missing features in this editor that are required to many creators.

This is the notification you will get.

These features includes the Playlist section, the ad formats and more. That’s why many YouTuber still use the old Creator Studio because it has all those features.

And here comes YouTube: If you log in to your YouTube Dashboard you will get a blue notification that tells you that YouTube will be adding all those new features next year in 2019. That means that you can use the new Dashboard like the old one and you will have a better look.

But that also means that YouTube will remove the old Creator Studio Classic.