YouTube’s testing picture in picture feature for desktop

YouTube is testing a picture-in-picture sort operate for desktop.

For those that have it, the check can mimic what’s already out there on YouTube for android and iOS, permitting users to attenuate and watch a video whereas continued to browse.

It’s unclear if YouTube are rolling this out across all accounts, if it’ll be restricted as a feature for YouTube Red accounts, or really, if it’ll be enforced wide the least bit.

It’s a helpful feature already on android and iOS devices, and with a YouTube music streaming service reportedly on the horizon, it might be an excellent thanks to build browsing tunes on the platform a a lot of seamless expertise.

Well, for video creators the YouTube layout is very confusing. YouTube should better make the new polymer design better for creators and YouTube uploaders. Why? Because in the YouTube dashboard, the old design is still used.

Although they have a new version of the YouTube dashboard, it still is missing a lot of features that are required by many YouTuber’s and that’s why it’s currently at the moment useless.