Can I download YouTube videos or is it prohibited?

Read here to learn about the rules of downloading a video on YouTube and see if it’s allowed or not.

So you found a great nice and cool video on YouTube and want to download it to your device for several reasons. Maybe you want to watch it later, maybe you will watch it sometime where you don’t have an Internet connection or maybe you just want to download the video to make a compilation of something.

For this there are many rules of YouTube that you need to comply with. Here I’m going to tell you what you can do and what’s forbidden.

To download a video there are many ways. You could just search for an online video downloader or you can download a downloader for yourself to your PC. If you want to know what’s best for you, read it here by clicking here.

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But did you know that there are rules for it? For example, if you want to download a music video from YouTube and you paste the URL into a online video downloader, it will mostly not download the video because of copyright. Although that doesn’t happen on normal videos, there are still rules for them.

If you want to download a simple video from someone else, you have to ask for permission to download the video. Otherwise it is not allowed. You can still do it but it’s forbidden.

And if permission was granted from the video uploader, then you are free to download the video and do with it what the uploader has told you to do.

Of course you are allowed to download your own videos without any rules. Just paste your video URL link into an downloader to start download.

Do not worry if you are not granted to download a video from someone and you really want it. There is a service from YouTube called YouTube Premium where you are able to watch videos without ads and to download videos to your device to watch them online. But you cannot edit them and reupload them. It is not possible.