Do NOT use AddMeFast or other sites to get likes and subscribers

We give you good reasons why you should’nt use such sites like AddMeFast, Kingdom of Likes etc.

Many people use websites such as “Addmefast” or “Kingdom of Likes” to quickly get to fake likes and subscribers. To get likes from there you have to collect points by subscribing to the YouTube channels of others or with liking their Facebook posts. The more points you have, the more likes or subscribers you will get. However, these are not “real” likes, just likes by people who want to have points to make exactly the same. This means they will neither track, view and like your future Facebook posts, nor will they subscribe to your other YouTube channels. They also won’t watch your videos. That’s why we advise you not to use such social network promoters, you should get your likes and subscribers with natural ways. In this article we will give you good reasons why you should NOT use such sites.

It’s unfair to others

It’s quite unfair to people who use normal ways to get likes when you fake yours. Imagine you upload videos to youtube and then you’ll find someone who get his subscribers and likes with such sites. You would feel bad and you would be angry.

No active viewers and likers

If you use Addmefast or other sites to get likes and subscribers, you will not get views to your videos even if you have a high number of subscribers. You won’t get likes on other posts on your Facebook page as well. To explain it: The people on this sites only like your content because of the points and nothing else. Why should they watch your videos, if they get no points? Right, that’s unprofitable.

Your likes and subscribers will be deleted

You have read correctly. If you use such sites to get subscribers, all your subscribers coming through these pages will be deleted by google. The main reason for this to explain is the first reason. If you would be a normal person again, and you get your traffic with normal ways, you’d be happy if you see fake subscribers on other channels deleted. That is the reason why google deletes fake subscribers. DO NOT do it and get your subs through normal ways like making good and entertaining videos.