How to get Mozilla Firefox to use less RAM memory and make PC faster

If you have problems with Firefox and need to lower its RAM usage then read this article.

Firefox is one of the best browsers on the market. But like any program, it has things that you do not like very much. That’s what this post is about.

The problem

As you may know, Firefox uses a lot of RAM, even if you do not have that many pages. this can be a disadvantage in low memory systems. then the computer slows down and starts to jerk.

The solution

There is a possibility that the Firefox does not use that much memory anymore. you have to change something in the hidden settings.

First, you should start your Firefox. then enter the link about:config in the URL search bar and press enter.

Now you get a notification that there are problems with stability if you keep going. click on “I accept the risk”.

You need to click on accept

Now a new page opens with a search bar. enter this in the search bar: browser.tabs.remote.autostart.

Now you see the entry. set the value to false and restart the Firefox browser.

Set to false and restart

Another way to reduce Firefox memory usage would be to go to “about:memory” and then click on “Minimize memory usage”. This will also reduce the RAM consumption.

Now when you open the task manager, you see that Firefox consumes a lot less RAM and your pc runs faster.