How to start a YouTube channel – Beginner Guide

​On this site you will learn how to make great videos and edit them like a pro.

1. Register a Google account


Go to ​and click on sign in the top right.
Click on “create account“. Write in your first and last Name, then choose your username that will be forever in your email adress.
Fill in a password and confirm it. Write in your birthdate and your gender. If you want you can write in your phone number and your current email adress, if you have one.
Enter your current location.
Now click on “Next Step” and agree to the “Privacy and Terms”.
Usually you have now an google account but sometimes when the system thinks something isn’t correct you have to enter your phone number to receive an code to verify.

2. Sign in to YouTube

Go to ​​and click on sign in the top right. (If you are already signed in go to the next step.)
Choose your google account or add one by writing in your email and password.
You’re now successfully signed in on YouTube, but to upload videos you need to have an channel.
So go HERE and write in your future channel name and proceed.
Now you have a YouTube channel.

3. Upload videos and personalize your channel


Go to your channel and click on the gear icon. Enable “Customize the layout of your channel” and save.
Click on “Add a section” and choose uploads.
You now get the message “You don’t have any recent uploads, so this will not appear on your channel. To add content, upload a video.”
Upload a random video and your recent uploads will be shown there.
Click on the pencil on your profile picture and click on “Edit”. You’re now on your Google+ site where you can add a profile picture.
After uploading a photo it will take some time for you to see it on your YouTube channel.
Click on the up right and click on “Creator Studio. You’re now in your dashboard where the most important things are.
Go to “Channel” and “Verify” your channel by entering a phone number (you will get confirmation code). After successfull verification you can upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes, adding thumbnails, making livestreams and more.
Now click on “Channel, then on “Upload Defaults“.
Now make your privacy private, add a category of your videos, write in your description and your tags, select a video language and click on save.
These are now the standards for your future videos.
​Go to “Branding” to add a watermark for all your videos.
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​These were the most important settings.

4. Making great videos with the ​best software

There are a lot of programs in the web with which you can edit your videos. The following software is easy to use and recommended by Plane738.
Movie Maker
This program was created by microsoft and really simple and easy to use. You can crop your videos, add pictures and more videos and more.
​It’s also free.
NCH VideoPad
This program is a bit more complicated than movie maker, because it has a lot of features you can use to make your videos.
You can add text and pictures in your video, blur it, add subtitles, pixelate and much more.
VideoPad is free for a limited time, after the trial you need to purchase it.
NCH PhotoPad
With this software you can edit photos. It’s good to make thumbnails for your videos or to edit your profile picture/banner. You can crop, resize, add text, add another image, make things transparent and more.
​PhotoPad is free ​for a limited time, after the trial you need to purchase it.
Bandicam is the best recording software for your desktop and for games. It has a lot of features and settings.
The free version has a watermark and a 10 minutes recording limit.
Open Broadcaster Software
This software is most used for streaming. But you can also just record videos with it. You can make a lot of changes in the settings.
​​It’s also free.