Opera “Reborn 3” Update – Browser’s New Design & Complete Dark Mode

In this review, you will get to know the so-called “Reborn 3” update, which Opera has recently released for desktop platforms.

Everybody is going dark mode in 2019. Google has already announced that they will make a lot of their apps available for dark mode, so it’s better for the eyes. But not only apps are getting dark modes, but also entire browsers.

So let’s start with Firefox. It already has a dark mode, but not a complete one. You have to actually mod your Firefox browser to make the context menu dark as well. So not very user-friendly.

Chrome. Google’s Browser is the most used one in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the most user-friendly one. If you install the normal browser channel, you will realize one thing: Where is the dark mode? Since none exists, only themes that make the tabs colorful/dark, it’s very hard for the eyes to see at that white bright screen all the time.

Google has understood this and if you have already tried Chrome Beta or Chrome Canary, you will see that they have a dark mode for future versions, if you have enabled a dark mode in your Windows/macOS settings. The browser will automatically change to this. For more about Google Chrome dark mode, click here.

Now about Opera. This browser already had a dark mode for a long time, but not a complete one. For example, the context menu was still white. But now with the “Reborn 3” update, everything in this browser changed to a dark mode, if you have selected the dark theme. You can watch Opera’s video ad below.

So the best browser currently for dark mode? I don’t know… There are still things that look like the browser is still in an alpha/beta version. For example, if you type in your Omnibox, the autocomplete list is in a whole different color than the tab and URL bar. The same goes for the context menu. It doesn’t look good if they all have a different dark color.

It really looks like Opera wanted to publish this update as soon as possible and be faster than Google Chrome and Chromium. Many users in the Opera forums also complain about that.
So what can we do? Nothing, except wait for a new update or use a different browser in that time period.