Smush: Review about the Image Compression Plugin for WordPress

If you are having trouble with the loading speed of your WordPress website then we recommend that you use a plugin that will help you reduce the size of the site.

So there are many reasons why you need such a plugin. Maybe it’s the reason above, where you have trouble with the loading speed. Or maybe you just need a little more space of your hosting account so you can upload more files and images.

Thankfully there are plugins that can help you solve this issue! We have took a look at them and found one of the best the most useful plugin. It’s called Smush by WPMU DEV.

This plugin can reduce the file size of your images a lot by compressing it. You will hardly notice any difference between the original image and the compressed picture. So you should try it out if you are looking for a plugin like that that can help you make your site faster.

But maybe you don’t really know how to use that plugin. That’s why we’re gonna guide you through the process to get this plugin running.

So first, you need to download this plugin. You can do this separately by going to this site and click the download button and upload it to your webserver. But of course you can also do it a little bit smarter by just logging in to your WordPress website, go to “Plugins” > “Add New” and search for the plugin name. Then just download it and activate it by clicking the button.

Now that you have downloaded and installed the plugin on your site, it’s time to get it running. On the left site in your wp-admin, click on Smush. There you can see that it will let you compress your images. To do so, click on the “Bulk Smush” button to start the process.

You will need to keep that site open to have it doing the compressing and do not close the page. You can only smush a number of images until you have to click the button again. You can also tell the plugin to smush all new images automatically that you will upload in the future.

Do you need the pro version? No, if you are happy with the compression rate in the free version, you should not get the pro version, because the free one is actually enough.

Feel free to test out other smushing plugins if you are not happy with Smush by WPMU DEV.